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Championship of Ukraine on the radiocommunications on the shortwave among youth in Ukraine

Team Young radiosportsmans from Rivne by Rivne organization TSOU returned from eye open national competitions on the radio "communications on the shortwave youth" Stars ether Ukraine" 2011 which took place on 05/11 July 2011 in Kherson region.

Graduates of teaching and educational complex number 12 Rivne Tarasovych Vladislava (13 years) and Kononchuk Alexander (12 years) under leadership coach candidate maystry sport radiosport Tarasovych Pavel Mikhailovich acquired and brought to the Rivne region winning the team event among the regions of Ukraine the silver-II place (Tarasovych Vlada , Kononchuk Alexander) and in the individual standings open competition among young people - II place in the English-speaking tour(Tarasovych Vlada), III place in the round microphone (Tarasovych Vlada), III place in the individual combined standings (Tarasovych power).

Rivne winners were awarded medals and diplomas of the Committee on work with Youth Leagues radio Ukraine.

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